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As we celebrate our Centenary in 2024, for 100 years Lepra has been working to actively find, diagnose and treat people affected by leprosy in India and Bangladesh. Lepra has been blessed with loyal support and much valued long-term relationships, built up over many years from individual people of Faith and Faith communities working together. It is through their kindness, love and willingness to help others less fortunate than themselves, that Lepra has been able to make a significant impact on countless lives of people affected by leprosy, giving them a brighter future, full of hope.

People are always amazed by just how many people are still affected by the disease of leprosy and how much can be done to help. It is wonderful to think that the generosity of good people from our Faith communities makes this vital work possible. Leprosy is curable and with support, Lepra can do so much to improve the lives and futures of entire families and the communities that they live in. It is hard for us to imagine just what it will mean to the individual, they may be reunited with family, re-enter their community or have the use of limbs or sight restored which can enable a child to return to school to receive an education and an adult to return to work and thus provide for their family.

The continued support to Lepra from our Faith communities is highly respected and greatly appreciated and at Lepra we make sure that we acknowledge and thank every donation. We combine innovative research and technology to improve the treatment and management of the disease, with our drive to extend our reach to find more people affected by leprosy. As we advocate with them to help build their own futures and lives with dignity, so that one day they may integrate into society without fear of prejudice and discrimination, Lepra can continue our goal for the future and with solidarity ‘Together we will beat leprosy.’