Today 600 people will be diagnosed with leprosy, more than 50 of these will be children.

Leprosy is completely curable, if treated early. Yet, tragically many people diagnosed today will already have terrible disabilities due to late diagnosis. Over 3 million more people are living in the shadows, with undiagnosed leprosy, and every day the disease causes more damage to their bodies, lives and futures. Find out more


Author: Nicky Dawson

How we help

We work directly with communities in Bangladesh, India and Mozambique to find, treat and rehabilitate people affected by leprosy. 

Treating leprosy

We work to ensure all people living with leprosy receive the treatment they need to overcome this devastating disease.


Author: Emily Street

Fighting prejudice

Many of the children, women and men we work with have experienced the prejudice surrounding leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.


Author: Emily Street

Health education

We provide health education to remote communities in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique to prevent disease, prejudice and poor health.


Author: Mary Harmon


In 2018-19 we reached 283,000 people through diagnosis, treatment and care in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique.


We reached 1.46 million people through health education and events to raise awareness of leprosy and other neglected diseases.


We provided 36,785 pairs of protective sandals in 2018-19 to help prevent further disabilities

How you can help

There are so many ways you can help people affected by leprosy, and join the fight to beat this disease.

Socks and sandals

Your footwear can change lives! Donate to Lepra and spend the day wearing your most colourful socks and sandals.


Author: Rachel Skillen

Host a life-changing tea

Host a life-changing tea and help change the lives of all affected by leprosy.


Author: Emily Street

Corporate support

Corporate support is vital in helping us continue our work in India, Bangladesh and Mozambique. Our corporate partners include Pavers and Haddenham Healthcare


Author: Kate Ixer


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