Corporate partnerships

A group of women looking at a chart A group of women looking at a chart

Being person-centred is at the very heart of Lepra’s values as an organisation. This is no different when it comes to our approach with corporate partners.

We pride ourselves on having excellent long-term relationships with our supporters and for them to be able to see the impact they can make when working with us.

For us to have the maximum impact in the work we do, it’s vital we have the support of our corporate partners. Over the past years we have worked with corporate partners at Pavers and Schuh to make the mobile shoe van a reality in parts of India.

In 2014 Stuart Paver from Pavers supported the launch of the first mobile shoe van in Bihar and then supported the launch of the Andhra Pradesh van in 2019. Colin Temple from Schuh then funded the launch of another mobile shoe van in Telangana. Since then, the project has directly helped 2700 people who have either leprosy or lymphatic filariasis and has reached nearly 10,000 people in rural communities in India.

As we look towards the future, we are keen to work with corporate partners to make some vital projects a reality. This starts with a very exciting project we hope to make a reality during our centenary year, with the expansion of our protective shoe unit in Bihar. Not only will this project be self-sufficient, but it will enable us to help and reach even more people across India.