Here you can download and request Lepra fundraising materials. Each document has a description, but if you require further information you can email [email protected] or give us a call on +44 (0)1206 216700

Resource Downloads:

Fundraising Challenges One Pager
This document details all three fundraising challenges on one page.

My Fundraising Guide
An all-encompassing fundraising guide that includes an A-Z of the most popular fundraising ideas

Annual Impact Review
This document showcases our projects and impact over the last year

Editable poster
Print off this editable poster and use it for detailing your upcoming fundraising event

Resource Requests:

Click here to order or request any items below.

Personalised Presentation – This is a tailored presentation for your Youth Group that is usually used at the beginning of the fundraise, so that the children can fully engage and gain knowledge of leprosy and the work that Lepra does to beat it. We supply the presentation in two formats:

  1. Voiceover powerpoint presentation (.ppt) Sent in email.  Requirements: Laptop, projector and internet
  2. DVD Sent in the post.  Requirements: DVD player linked up to a TV or projector screen

Badges – these bright teal badges can be handed out to your Youth Group before fundraising begins, and can be proudly worn from then on.

Fundraising envelopes – these strong A4 donation envelopes are great for collecting donations for the duration of your fundraising. The back of the envelopes can be used to record who has given you a donation, and also if they are eligible for Gift Aid.

Poster – These are A3 posters that can be placed on to your notice board or wall so that everyone can learn a little bit more about Lepra and our worthy cause.

Fundraising Page – A personalised fundraising page is a great way to collect donations online, and an alternative to using donation envelopes. You can create your own fundraising page here, or you can request someone from our team to create one for you by clicking here. As an alternative, you could set up a JustGiving fundraising page as a way of receiving donations for Lepra online.