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Corporate Partnerships

Our Corporate Partnerships help support our projects or specific events throughout the year.

Partnerships at all levels are crucial in enabling us to reach people affected by leprosy. To the governments, health workers, private doctors, grant makers, institutions, companies, our fantastic donors, and all the people we work with every year; thank you. We are so grateful to all our partners who hold an essential role in supporting us to fight leprosy and lymphatic filariasis. 

If you're interested in partnering with us, find out how we can work together with your corporate support.


Birmingham Bulldogs

We are proud to be supported by the Birmingham Bulldogs Rugby League club.

Founded in 1989 Birmingham Bulldogs have a proud 34-year history, making them the oldest continuous club in Birmingham and the Midlands.

Sprout 9

We are delighted to be supported by online education platform, Sprout 9. The platform shares our focus on education, and connects students and tutors on an international scale.

Sprout 9’s own founder, a young entrepreneur named Azaan has already ensured that over 100 people affected by leprosy have been able to access treatment this year in a phenomenal personal fundraising challenge.

With the support of Sprout 9 and it’s users, we are able to use Azaan’s passion to educate even more people about leprosy awareness and treatment in communities in India and Bangladesh, and crucially ensure that children affected by leprosy do not miss out on an education.

Ballie Gifford logo

Baillie Gifford

Baillie Gifford have been supporting our work for 4 years, with their powerful support enabling the launch of our Mental Motivators Pilot Project in Bangladesh. This project is increasing mental health support to those affected by leprosy and the 50% of people with leprosy who suffer from related depression or suicidal thoughts. We are delighted to collaborate with Baillie Gifford on this partnership and are working tirelessly to ensure that this vital funding provides mental health training to help build self-esteem and allow those affected by leprosy to feel supported both physically and mentally.

Find out more about our Mental Motivators Project.

Candida Investments Limited

4 million people worldwide are living with disability caused by leprosy – disability that is entirely preventable. Having stood by our side since 1989, Candida Investments Limited have ensured that we have been able to advocate for (and with) people with disabilities to receive economic, social and physiological support. This specialised support is carried out in different ways including:

  • At our leprosy referral centres, where Lepra physiotherapists provide pre- and post-operative support for people undergoing reconstructive surgery.
  • Through treatment and dressing of ulcers, which reduces the risk of a person developing an infection which could otherwise lead to a disability.
  • Through provision of tailor-made leprosy shoes which protect people’s feet, reducing the likelihood of infection and helping them to stay mobile.
  • Via self-care groups, where medical professionals show those affected how to care for themselves after treatment.

Every single person we can reach with vital disability prevention care is a life changed truly for the better, and wouldn’t be possible without Candida Investments Limited’s support.

Cantata Dramatica

Cantata Dramatica is a charity dedicated to commissioning and promoting new music. The charity commissioned four new pieces that were performed at St Stephen Wallbrook church in London in a fundraising choral evening. Each piece linked to themes associated with leprosy, such as people fighting to have their voices heard and the challenges faced by women with the disease.

Cuxson Gerrard & Co Ltd

Cuxson Gerrard & Co Ltd have been loyally supporting our work for over 30 years. Thanks to this support throughout the years, we are proud to have achieved so much, including:

  • In 1998, we started work in preventing disabilities caused by the long-term effects of leprosy in Mayurbanjh, India.
  • In 2000, self-support groups for people affected by leprosy were rolled out across Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha in India. Lepra now has 2,555 self-support groups operating across India and Bangladesh.
  • In 2006, we set up health camps in Bangladesh
  • In the last year alone, we reached a total of 226,730 people in the community through health education, and events to raise awareness of leprosy and other neglected diseases.

None of this would have been possible without their unwavering support.

Haddenham Healthcare logo

Haddenham Healthcare

"We first got to hear about Lepra's amazing work when I met two of the staff at the British Lymphology conference. Rajni's presentation at the conference brought home the huge problem which exists in India surrounding lymphatic filariasis. We wanted to do something to help and donating our specialist compression garments was just one way we could support Lepra's work. The feedback we received from Rajni reporting on the successful outcome for people using our garments was heart-warming."  

Tim Gabb, General Manager, Haddenham Healthcare

We are extremely grateful to Haddenham Healthcare for continuing to support our work.


Increasingly provided vital support to our 2021 emergency COVID-19 appeal, which allowed us to react quickly to the second crushing COVID-19 wave, continue our leprosy work where we could, and deliver a range of supplementary pandemic related support. This included the vaccination of over 10,000 people affected by leprosy in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh, as well as PCR testing and delivering vital oxygen supplies to local health centres.

ION Industries Ltd

ION kindly sponsored our World Leprosy Day 2021 radio day.

‘We are very proud to support Lepra for World Leprosy Day 2021. As Lepra’s accounting software supplier, ION and Lepra have worked together for a long time, and we have learnt that leprosy is not a disease of the past, it is still affecting millions of lives across the world. World Leprosy Day is the biggest opportunity of the year to put a spotlight on leprosy globally, and we are proud to be a part of that.’ – Rob Mathieson, Managing Director

JM Finn

In 2019 JM Finn hosted an evening with Michael Dobbs, a British Conservative politician and best-selling author, most notably for his House of Cards trilogy. 

Lord Dobbs regaled the audience with stories and anecdotes about how he found himself, quite by chance, working for Margaret Thatcher. The highs and lows of being in the political arena were followed by his political novel House of Cards, now a Netflix hit around the world. Lord Dobbs shared his opinions on many pressing topics, not least Brexit. The evening also highlighted the over 3 million people across the world living with undiagnosed leprosy and the urgent need for diagnosis, treatment and health worker training.

Next Retail Ltd

Early detection and therefore treatment is essential in leprosy management. Serious, life altering disabilities often associated with leprosy can be lessened, or entirely avoided, with early detection and immediate treatment.

We are incredibly grateful to Next Retail PLC who recognise the importance of this and are standing with us to fund programmes that:

  • Identify people affected by leprosy
  • Ensure access to appropriate treatment, such as Multi Drug Therapy.
  • Educate families, local communities and governments about the disease and how to support people affected.
  • Follow up with those who have been diagnosed, making sure that they are receiving adequate support from their community, family and local support services.

This continued support from Next Retail Ltd has is crucial in the fight against leprosy, and by working together, our combined efforts are ensuring we reach even more people.

Pavers logo


Pavers, the York-based shoe retailer funded our first ever mobile foot care unit in India. The van travels around the Indian state of Bihar providing custom-made shoes for people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF).

People affected by the two diseases can lose feeling in parts of their body, including their feet. When a person loses sensation, they can develop injuries without even realising it, which can lead to infection. Foot care is exceptionally important in the rehabilitation process and custom-made shoes enable those who have lost sensation in their feet to restore a sense of normality, independence and lower the risk of infection.

Pavers funding this van has been vital in allowing us to deliver this aspect of our life-changing work.

Ritherdon & Co Ltd

We are thrilled to have been supported by Ritherdon & Co Ltd for over 30 years. Their most recent support has ensured that Lepra’s emergency COVID-19 work has been able to continue to develop, including ensuring people affected by leprosy have free access to the vaccine, which is critical to retaining a strong immune system.


The partnership between Rotary and Lepra began in October 2019, when Lepra and the Clubs of Delhi South, New Delhi, and Delhi Southend signed a partnership agreement to end leprosy in India. The partnership’s overall aim is to work towards is to control leprosy, making it a disease of little consequence. In December 2021, the relationship was furthered when Lepra signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Rotary clubs of Dhaka Pathfinders and Banani Model Town in Bangladesh. Current partnership projects include leprosy diagnosis and control, COVID-19 testing, and the training of specialist footwear technicians as well as female physiotherapy care assistants, all of whom have one focus; to support people affected by leprosy at every step of their journey.

Walker Books

We are thrilled to have worked with Walker Books in the development of a new schools engagement project for Key Stage 2 and 3. The resources are based on Maria’s Island; a new children’s book by celebrated novelist and Lepra ambassador, Victoria Hislop. Alongside Victoria Hislop, Walker Books, and illustrator by Gill Smith, we have developed this project and set of resources that schools can download and use for free, with the added bonus of inspiring fundraising for our vital projects.

The story of Maria’s Island centres around the Cretan village of Plaka and the tiny, deserted island of Spinalonga – Greece’s former leprosy colony. The book’s main character Maria tells us of the ancient and often misunderstood disease of leprosy, carefully and sensitively exploring key themes and British Values such as prejudice, isolation, discrimination and most importantly, hope.

Click here to check out our free engaging resources including a video assembly with a reading by Victoria Hislop, free Maria’s Island PDF extract and helpful teacher notes that prompt exploration into the book’s complex themes in an age appropriate way.

Corporate Support

Create incredible change for your company and for people affected by leprosy.

By partnering with us, you will be restoring hope for some of the most vulnerable people in our world. By supporting Lepra, your team can be part of delivering vital healthcare and education to people in some of the world's poorest communities.

We recognise and believe in the value of partnering with companies and organisations to deliver our goal of improving the lives of people affected by leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases.

Research shows collaboration can motivate staff, promote creativity and project a positive external image, adding value and enhancing your brand.

Ways to support our work

Fund an entire project or contribute towards the running of an existing one.

Shoe vans visiting remote villages preparing bespoke shoes for people with leprosy-related foot injuries is just one of our vital projects changing people's lives, but we urgently need your support in bringing these to more people.

Read more about the projects we run that desperately need funding here.

Partner with us as your Charity of the Year

Not had a charity of the year before? Choose us as your first! We will help you plan your corporate social responsibilities and a calendar of activity. We can incorporate challenge events, staff fundraising, press opportunities, and bespoke events unique to your company and the goals you would like to achieve.

Staff fundraising and bespoke events.

Want to get involved in a one-off or particular event? Or looking for a way to engage your staff or team-build? We can work with you to create a truly bespoke event. Abseil down the side of your office, screen a film, take part in a challenge, host your own dinner evening, take part in our Socks and Sandals Day, or hold a Life Changing Tea.

Other ways you can get involved:

Lepra’s field staff go where others cannot or don’t want to go. If your company shares people-centred values and wants to gain business benefits in a constructive way, we would be delighted to discuss a tailored programme of activity with you.

Find out more about working alongside Lepra and the business benefits it can bring.

Abi Wells - Partnerships Fundraising Manager
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