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Who We Are

Lepra is committed to meeting the needs of people affected by leprosy and ensuring that they are represented at local and government level.

We will support people affected by leprosy through prevention, diagnosis, disability aids and mental health support. We will also continue our strong partnerships with regional and national governments to ensure that those affected have access to reconstructive surgery, multi-drug therapy, eye care and physiotherapy.

Lepra will also continue to offer assistance to those affected by lymphatic filariasis through diagnosis, self-care groups and health education programmes. Lepra supports, enables and facilitates those affected by lymphatic filariasis and leprosy. 

In India and Bangladesh, Lepra works closely with the government, especially at the ‘local’ level, to share knowledge and build the capacity of health authorities, health services and health professionals in the identification, diagnosis, treatment and care of people affected by leprosy and LF.

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How we help

"My sincere thanks to Lepra and Effect Hope for helping us in these difficult times. Without the support and counselling of Lepra staff, we would not be able to get the vaccine and we would still be living in fear of COVID-19.”

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Your support is vital in helping us continue our work to help the children, women and men affected by neglected diseases like leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

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