In 2016-2017 we reached over 252,000 people directly through diagnosis, treatment and care.
We reached a total of 1.3 million people through health education and events to raise awareness of diseases.

Here are some of our key achievements this year...

Health education

We reached 1.3 million people through our health education messages. We did this by educating communities about leprosy and other neglected diseases, the symptoms and where to access treatment. Through these activities, more people are able to recognise their symptoms and access treatment earlier and it also helps to reduce stigma.

Self-help and self-care

This year, we trained 43,300 people in self-care techniques to improve overall hygiene, keep affected body parts infection free and reduce swelling – that’s almost 60% more than last year. This alleviates some of the physical burden and allows a person to continue to work. On average, people affected by leprosy in India lose 9 days a month of work, which has a devastating impact on income.

We also established more self-help groups to provide vocational training, information on advocating for rights and establish loan funds to fight against the poverty disease can bring.


We have trained 232,000 health workers, volunteers, community champions, accredited social health activists (ASHAs), teachers and government health staff – that’s nine times more than last year. With the relevant knowledge, healthcare workers are now able to detect signs of diseases and refer people for treatment much earlier.


In 2016-2017 we continued our strategic approach that tackles both leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) simultaneously. By combining our work in the two diseases, we are able to provide services to more people, improve existing healthcare systems, achieve economies of scale and ensure that vital leprosy skills are not lost.


  • We have continued our work across Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Odisha and Telangana in 26 different referral centres
  • We issued 13,500 people with multi-drug therapy (MDT) treatment for leprosy
  • We also provided 37,200 people with counselling, disability care, reconstructive surgery and other treatments for leprosy complications
  • 40,600 people were trained in self-care methods
  • 5,800 people accessed government schemes and livelihood support
  • Through pioneering enhanced active case finding methods in Bihar, we found three times as many people living with undiagnosed leprosy than the Indian government. We screened a total of 85,500 people and diagnosed and treated 321 cases of leprosy.We also found greater numbers of women and children with leprosy compared to previous searches


  • We extended our services to seven more districts in Bangladesh, and are now working in a total of 11 districts in the north-west and east of the country
  • We diagnosed a total of 575 people with leprosy and provided them with MDT treatment
  • We also diagnosed and provided support to 6,270 people living with LF
  • Community Clinics were included in our leprosy control programme for the first time, resulting in 1,170
  • Community Health Care Providers receiving training on signs and symptoms of leprosy
  • We trained 3,070 community champions, traditional village doctors and pharmacists on how to recognise the symptoms of leprosy and LF
  • Our Community champions met over 50,000 people and screened them for neglected diseases, finding 20% of the leprosy cases diagnosed in our Reaching the Unreached project


  • Through our partnership with Netherlands Leprosy Relief, we continue to work in Zambezia Province
  • We directly reached 4,500 people with health and development interventions
  • 1,080 people affected by leprosy or LF were provided with self-care training
  • 150 people were empowered to join ADEMO – the national disable people’s organisation to claim disability rights
  • 400 new community health workers, volunteers, traditional healer and government health staff were trained to detect cases of leprosy and LF
  • A further 3,500 people were reached to raise awareness of leprosy and LF in communities

How you've helped us do this...

We received £2.7 million from individual donors. This includes a fantastic £756,579 from our dedicated supporters who took part in all sorts of fundraising activities including mountain-climbing, life-changing tea parties and sporting events. Of that amount, £687,181 came from the support of school students alone!