In 2015-2016 we reached 279,971 peopleIn 2015-2016 we reached over 270,000 people directly through diagnosis, treatment and care. That’s 10% more people than last year.

We reached a total of 2,376,344 people through health education and events to raise awareness of diseases.

Here are some of our key achievements this year...

Health education

We reached over 2.3 million people through our health education messages. We did this by educating communities about neglected diseases, the symptoms and where to access treatment we are increasing the likelihood of earlier diagnosis and also reducing stigma.

Self-help and self-care

This year, we trained 27,619 people in self-care techniques to improve overall hygiene, keep affected body parts infection free and reduce swelling. This alleviates some of the physical burden and allows a person to continue to work. On average, people affected by leprosy in India lose 9 days a month of work, which has a devastating impact on income.

We also established more self-help groups to provide vocational training, information on advocating for rights and establish loan funds to fight against the poverty disease can bring.

We trained 22,635 community championsTraining

We have trained 22,635 community champions and health professionals. With the relevant knowledge, healthcare workers are now able to detect signs of diseases and refer people for treatment much earlier.


In 2015-2016 we became the first organisation to adopt a strategic approach that tackles both leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) simultaneously. By combining our work in the two diseases, we have been able to provide services to more people, improve existing healthcare systems, achieve economies of scale and ensure that vital leprosy skills are not lost.


  • We have continued our work across Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Odisha and Telangana in 26 different referral centres
  • 35,193 people began treatment for a disease
  • 11,838 people were screened and diagnosed with lymphatic filariasis which is a 139 increase compared to last year, showing positive effects of our combined approach to leprosy and LF
  • 22,106 people (15,016 affected by leprosy and 6,206 affected by LF) were trained in self-care methods
  • 86% of people with LF in India reported that their wounds had healed after they had learnt to care for them with Lepra


  • We launched three new projects this year
  • These projects helped us to reach 100,310 children, women and men through diagnostic screening, treatment and education
  • 1,692 people from our 255 self-help groups, have learned new skills and training, and received loans to help rebuild their lives
  • After health awareness campaigns two out of every three people with disabilities in our project areas now feel that discrimination is reducing


Whilst continuing our work in partnership with the Netherlands Leprosy Relief...

  • We performed 419 hydrocele surgeries
  • We provided 400 people with custom-made protective footwear
  • 180 new community champions were trained to detect cases of leprosy and teach self-care practices

How you've helped us do this...

We received more than £4.1 million from individual donors. This includes a fantastic £43,500 from our dedicated fundraisers who took part in all sorts of activities including life-changing teas, challenge events. We also had an amazing £815,000 from all of the schools who took part in fundraising events for us throughout the year.

2015-2016 total income chart