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St Joseph’s Leprosy Centre

Since 1993, St Joseph's Leprosy Centre (SJLC) in Madhya Pradesh, India, has been providing holistic relief to people affected by leprosy.

Services range from initial diagnosis screening through to self-care, ulcer treatment, and the provision of protective footwear. 

Multidrug therapy (MDT) is precribed to those affected and any reactions are carefully monitored by staff. 

For people affected with severe disabilty, the centre also performs reconstructive surgery. 

Due to half of people affected by leprosy experiencing depression and anxiety, counselling is an important role of the centre.

Sister Grace and her team's hard work enables people affected by leprosy to regain their independence, improving their physical, social and emotional health.

In February 2022, we spoke to Sister Nitha about her journey in becoming a physiotherapy technician at SLJC. Read her Real Life Story, here.

Lepra's work at SJLC will continue, thanks to your generous support.

Together we WILL beat leprosy.