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A doctor talking with a young man A doctor talking with a young man



Lepra is committed to following up each and every person affected by leprosy that we engage with.

We follow up individuals for up to five years, monitoring their progress, medication compliance, relapse or reactions. 

We also ensure that individuals are receiving adequate community support and disability aids or support should they need them. In rural areas, compliance can be low for numerous reasons, including ability to travel, community and familial attitudes and personal circumstances. In the follow up period, we hope to encourage those affected to continue striving for a healthier lifestyle and ensuring that they have the support systems they need. 

Medical support is not always the only kind of support a person affected by leprosy requires. During the follow up period, Lepra records the social and economic needs of individuals. These are important and can help lift a person from difficult circumstances and allow them to become more resilient and secure.