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A woman from Bangladesh looking at the camera A woman from Bangladesh looking at the camera


Prevention, Treatment, Follow-up

Despite many misconceptions, leprosy is entirely curable. Lepra is committed to spreading this message and ensuring that those in need of help have access to free multidrug therapy (MDT) and support services where necessary. 

In many countries, people with leprosy are often overlooked and neglected. There is limited understanding in a lot of countries about the disease, even in India which carries 60% of all cases of leprosy in the entire world. 

Lepra strives to alter misconceptions of the disease and educate people. We strive to: 

  • Identify people affected by the disease 
  • Ensure access to appropriate treatment, such as MDT 
  • Educate families, local communities and governments about the disease and how to support people affected 
  • Follow up with those who have been diagnosed, making sure that they are receiving adequate support from their community, family and community support services. 

Early detection and therefore treatment is essential in leprosy management. Serious, life altering disabilities often associated with leprosy can be lessened, or entirely avoided, with early detection and immediate treatment.

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Leprosy threatened to take Krutibasa's independence and condemn him to a life of disability and prejudice.

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