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People affected

Today 600 people will be diagnosed with leprosy, more than 50 of these will be children. 

Over 7 million people are currently affected by leprosy across the world.

We work to find, treat and rehabilitate these hidden people and promote their rights.

Due to misunderstanding, lack of information and incorrect beliefs, people affected by leprosy can experience severe prejudice and discrimination when they show symptoms, or when a diagnosis is confirmed.

The consequences can be devastating; people are often shunned by their community or even their own family, they may lose their livelihoods and they can even experience thoughts of suicide.

They are left to endure a lifetime of abuse, isolation and shame.

Leprosy is completely curable through a course of multi-drug therapy (MDT) for six months or a year. MDT is free of charge, but many affected by the disease are unaware that this cure even exists.  We were one of the first organisations to use multi-drug therapy to treat leprosy and we were highly involved in its development. 

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Your support is vital in helping us continue our work to help the children, women and men affected by neglected diseases like leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

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