A pair of shoes on a persons feet A pair of shoes on a persons feet



One of the main symptoms of leprosy is nerve damage, meaning people affected are unable to feel pain.

This leaves them vulnerable to burns, cuts and injuries that can potentially lead to severe damage to fingers, toes, hands and feet resulting in permanent disability.

Lymphatic filariasis can cause severe swelling in the feet and legs, making it difficult to wear standard shoes.

Why shoes?

We make and supply specialist protective footwear for people who are disabled and living with the effects of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

Each pair of shoes is carefully designed for every individual. One of our trained physiotherapists carefully assesses and takes measurements of disfigured or swollen feet and then prescribes a customised pair of shoes.

They provide comfort, encourage early healing of wounds and ulcers, and prevent further injury and disability.

These disabling diseases also cause terrible prejudice and discrimination for those affected.

Removing prejudice

Something as simple as having shoes that fit can contribute to restoring a person’s dignity and making them feel comfortable in their community again.

Last year, we provided more than 30,000 pairs of protective shoes to people with leprosy and lymphatic filariasis and plan to reach more this year.

You can make a difference

Your support is vital in helping us continue our work to help the children, women and men affected by neglected diseases like leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

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