Editors Choice - December 2019 P. Saunderson

Original Papers

356 Leprosy post-exposure prophylaxis with single dose rifampicin: toolkit for implementation T.Barth-Jaeggi, A.Cavaliero, A.Aerts, S. Anand, S.Sarady Ay, T.M Aye, N.L. Banstola, R.Baskota, D. Blaney, M. Bonenberger, W.Van Brakel, H.Cross, V.K Das, T. Budiawan, N. Fernando, Z. Gano, H. Greter, E.Ignotti, D.Kamara, C.Kasang, B.Komm, A. Kumar, S.Lay, L.Mieras, F.Mirza, B.Mutayoba, B.Njako, T.Pakasi, J.Hendrick Richardus, P.Saunderson, C.S Smith, R.Staheli, N.Suriyaracharchi, T.Shew, A.Tiwari, M.S.D, Wijesinghe, J.V Berkel, B.V Plaetse, M.Virmond and P.Steinmann.

364 Ultrasonography versus clinical examination in detecting leprosy neuropathy M.S.Kumaran, M. Thapa, T.Narang, M.Prakash and S.Dogra

371 Case-control study measuring the association between HLA-B*13:01 and dapsone hypersensitivity syndrome in Indian patients M.J. Chiramel, R.George, D.Daniel, R.S.A Das, V.Mani, B. Antonisamy and J.P Muliyil

378 Odontogenic infections and leprosy reactions:  A case-control study D.C.B. Cortela, M.R.S. Nogueira, A.L De Souza Junior and E.Ignotti

388 Levels of disability and relapse in Bangladesh MB leprosy cases, 10 years after treatment with 6m MB-MDT C.R. Butlin, K.J. Maug Aung, S. Withington, P.Nicholls K.Alam

399 An exploration into the psychological impact of leprosy in Sirajganj, Bangladesh A. Bow Betrand, D.Pahan and J.Mangeard-Lourme

418 Community stigma and desired social distance towards people affected by leprosy in Chandauli District, India A.V Ballering, R.M.H. Peters, M.M. Waltz, M.A. Arif, C.P. Mishra and W.H. Van Brakel

433 The challenge of health seeking: recollections of leprosy inpatients in post-elimination Nepal U-B. Engelbrektsson, M.Subedi and P.Nicholls

Case Reports

444 Borderline Tuberculoid leprosy of the scalp mimicking alopecia areata-vitiligo overlap syndrome: A case report S.Sharma, S.Dayal, C.Bansal, Janshruti, K. Aggarwal and N.Marwah

450 Melioidosis complicating lepromatous with type 2 lepra reactions: A rare case report from India S.Pradhan, A.N Rout, C.S Sirka, S.K Das and K.Sahu

456 Successful treatment of rifampicin resistant case of leprosy by WHO recommended ofloxacin and minocycline regimen M.Lavania, J.Darlong, A.Reddy, M.Ahuja, I.Singh, R.P Turankar and U.Sengupta

460 Treatment of leprosy wounds with ''Jinchuang ointment'', a traditional Chinese herbal medicine complex W.-H Hsu. Tsai, S.-J.Hung, H.-C. Cheng, C-H. Hsu, T-J. Ho and H-P. Chen

469 Bullous erythema nodosum leprosum: a rare case series S.Pradhan, A.Nibedita Rout, C.Sekhar Sirka, K.Sahu and G.Dash

476 Clinical and histopathological profile of a patient with localized lepromatous leprosy J.Jose, L.Das, P.A. Singh and R.Marshala

482 Reflections on the 20th International Leprosy Congress held in Manila, from Sept 10th to 13th, 2019