141 Editors Choice


142 A Systematic Review of Adverse Drug Reactions associated with Thalidomide in the treatment of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum
M. Mahmoud and S.L. Walker

Original Papers

161 Impact of General Health Volunteers on Leprosy Control in Nimba County, Liberia: an experience from the Ganta Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre over 2013–2015 C. Kasang, S.N. Krishnan, N. Menkor and K. Puchner

167 Innovative Methods for Leprosy New Case Detection by Tent Awareness Programmes in an Urban Setting in India
P. Govindharaj and A.S. John

172 Experiences of people affected by leprosy in the health services: a hermeneutic approach M.C.D. da Silva and E.P.A. Paz

Workshop Report

183 Meeting report: the Leprosy Research Initiative Spring Meeting LRI Scientific Review Committee, LRI Steering Committee

Case Reports

201 Resistance as a cause for chronic steroid dependent ENL - a novel paradigm with potential implications in management
P. Arora, K. Sardana, A. Agarwal and M. Lavania

206 Autonomic dysfunction in leprosy: are we overlooking an early diagnostic sign? M. Pawar

210 Lepromatous leprosy mimicking basal cell carcinoma I.T. Watson, H.A. Jenkinson, N.K. Kilmas and S.R. Mays

215 Histoid Leprosy: de novo case with atypical presentation T. Hans, S. Agarwal, S. Yadav and A. Choudhary

222 Spontaneously occurring chronic non-healing cutaneous ulcers in an Indian male M. Pawar and V. Zawar


227 Contact tracing of leprosy patients using modified family motivation card (MFMC) in a low-endemic state of India
A.L. Hirevenkangoudar, A. Palit and A.C. Inamadar