1 Editor’s Choice – March 2019 P. Saunderson

Original Papers

3 Reviewing Research Priorities of the Leprosy Research Initiative(LRI):a stakeholder’s consultation Z. Khazai, W. v.Brakel, D. Essink, T. Gillis, C. Kasang, P. Kuipers, P. Saunderson, D. Scollard, N. Veldhuijzen

31 Acceptability of contact screening and single dose rifampicin as chemoprophylaxis for leprosy in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India L. Mieras H. Apte, M. Chitale, S. Das, P. R. Manglani

46 Spatial-temporal dynamics of Leprosy in Wuhan, China, 1950-2017 Q. Hu, L. Chen, J. Chen, M. Q. Liu, X. Gao, J. Gao

57 A histopathological and immunohistochemical evaluation of the lesional and non-lesional skin in Borderline leprosy: A study of 50 patients K. Zutso, P. K. Sharma, M. Bhardwaj

68 Retrospective study of the morbidity associated with Erythema Nodosum Leprosum in Brazilian leprosy patients D. Neves, J. A. d.C. Nery, X. M. Illarramendi, R. V. de Souza, T. F. L. Rosa, S. L. Walker, E. N. Sarno, D. N. Lockwood

78 Knowledge and self-care practice of leprosy patients at ALERT Hospital, Ethiopia L. Girma, K. Bobosha, T. Hailu

88 Strengthening personal and family resilience: a literature review for the leprosy context A. v. Noordende, Pim Kuipers,Z. B. d.S Pereira

105 Social Participation of Persons Affected with Leprosy in Endemic District, West Bengal, India P. Govindharajs, Srinivasan, J. Darlong

113 Accessibility of social entitlements by Leprosy affected living in different localities: Leprosy Colonies and general community in 4 states of India M. David, S. R. Moturu

124 Preliminary building blocks for multi-stakeholder development of a leprosy elimination investment case: proceedings of an expert consultation A. v. Noordende, D. C. Hinders, A. Tiwari, J. H. Richardus, W. H. v.Brakel

Case Report

128 Journey of Empowerment: A Case Study of Association of People Affected by Leprosy, India V Narsappa, B Josesph, S. Samson, G. Sathyanarayana


W.M. Meyers