The facts:

In the state of Odisha, 20 out of 30 Districts are endemic to lymphatic filariasis (LF) with 116,000 new cases reported in 2013-14. Leprosy also continues to be a public health problem in the state with 8,000 new cases reported in 2014-15. Through this project, both diseases will be tackled in 1,272 villages of 7 Blocks in Puri and Nayagarh Districts of Odisha over a three year period between 2015 and 2018.

The aim:

We aim to break transmission of the diseases, prevent disability and address issues of dignity and poverty of people affected by LF and leprosy. We also want to improve availability and access to LF and leprosy related services in a combined manner with special emphasis on women and children.

What exactly are we doing?

To tackle both diseases there are a number of activities we have undertaken including:

  • Putting together self-care groups that show those affected by either disease how to care for body parts to prevent infection
  • Supporting the government’s Mass Drug Administration programme which is the process for preventing people against LF
  • Running health education programmes in schools so that children know what the symptoms of the diseases are and where they can access help
  • Providing protective footwear through our mobile IEC (Information, Education and Communication) cum footwear unit
  • Performing hydrocelectomies to reduce the swelling of testes as a result of LF
  • Providing skills training through self-help groups and enabling the group to set up a loan fund for members to borrow from
  • Setting up a District level forum of leprosy and LF affected people so that they can advocate for their rights

How can you help?

Whether it’s by having a bake sale or climbing a mountain, there are a number of ways you can fundraise for us and every amount really does help. With just £5 we can run a self-care practice session while £90 can fund a shoe technician for a month. For ways that you can help us fund such vital activities, visit our fundraising page.