Our vision

Our vision is to be a leader in reducing the incidence and impact of leprosy and other neglected diseases.

Driven by our focus on leprosy, our purpose is to enable children, women and men affected by neglected diseases to transform their lives and overcome poverty and prejudice.

We have demonstrated that we can use our experience to address other neglected diseases particularly disability management and prejudice reduction in lymphatic filariasis (LF). Given the scale of LF (120 million cases worldwide with 40 living with an LF disability) and a strong overlap in endemic areas, we have a real opportunity to rebuild leprosy knowledge and skills, and access new sources of funding through working in combination with LF.

Our values

Lepra value - people centred

People centred - we listen, value contributions and recognise needs and aspirations

Lepra value - transparent and accountable

Transparent and accountable - to the people we work with, our staff, our supporters and stakeholders

Lepra value - demonstrating bold leadership Innovative and demonstrating bold leadership - at all levels
Lepra value - effective and efficient

Effective and efficient - delivering the best value with our resources

Lepra value - collaborative Collaborative - harnessing the power of others

Our strategy

Lepra strategy front coverOur strategy renews our efforts to make leprosy a disease of little consequence; easily diagnosed and treated, leaving no obvious disability and attracting no prejudice. It compels us to support children, women and men to live healthy and economically secure lives, participating and contributing in their communities.

Our goals for the next five years are:

Goal one: meeting the need through supporting children, women and men to transform their lives.

Goal two: learning from what we do to become a better informed and learning organisation.

Goal three: managing our resources to ensure we are able to deliver maximum impact.

We will be guided by the Global Sustainable Development Goals principle to leave no-one behind. Our work will be based on where there is a clear need, a gap in services, the ability to leverage funds, where we can use our resources effectively, and where it will strengthen our advocacy. 

The direction of our work will be informed by people who have direct experience of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

We will use associations, partnerships and collaborations to achieve the change that we want to see and position Lepra as an expert organisation.

Our board will provide excellent strategic leadership, support and challenge to the management team whilst holding in trust the charitable objects of Lepra.

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