Something as simple as a pair of shoes can change a life

Diseases such as leprosy and lymphatic filariasis can cause damage and swelling to the feet making it difficult to find shoes that fit. This leaves people to walk barefoot causing them pain, discomfort and open to infection. 

Providing them with specialist, bespoke shoes made by our local shoemakers means they can walk in comfort and not be ashamed of their disabilty.

Hear their stories

Kurani was embarrassed about visiting her family because of the visible signs of leprosy on her feet.
I never even dreamed I would be so lucky to own such a beautiful pair of shoes. I can now go and visit my friends and relatives.

- Kurani
Astami has seen her wounds heal since getting a specialist pair of shoes from Lepra.

These sandals have a magical power; I don’t get wounds any more like before.

- Astami
Nasima now knows freedom.

Without shoes, I couldn’t even walk five steps, but with these shoes I can walk up to five kilometres without any difficulty.

- Nasima
Rabi can’t imagine his life without the shoes we had made for him.

These shoes are my support, my precious jewellery, my lifeline. Life’s impossible without them.

- Rabi
Chandmuni is not ashamed anymore. 

These shoes are like any other pair of general shoes; I feel good about them and don’t feel the stigma as with other shoes.

- Chandmuni
Makhan found walking difficult in other shoes, but now he can go wherever his feet take him.

The shoes available in the markets hurt my feet a lot when I walk; these shoes are comfortable to wear and the swelling in my legs has reduced.

- Makhan
Hari is in better health with his new pair of shoes.

Since using these shoes, my wounds have healed and haven’t re-appeared.

- Hari