The facts:

We joined with the TATA Steel Rural Development Society (TATA) to jointly initiate the SPARSH project in 2009 in Dhanbad with an overall objective to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities caused by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF).

Dhanbad district is endemic for leprosy and LF with around 1500 people already living with a disability due to leprosy and 1200 people living with a disability due to LF. These people require specialised services for disability management and as these are not adequately provided by the government health facilities, we set up the SPARSH referral centre.

This project is aligned with our purpose of enabling children, women and men affected by leprosy and other neglected diseases to transform their lives and overcome poverty and prejudice.

The aim:

We want to enhance early case detection of leprosy and LF among children, women and men and address the issues of poverty and discrimination. More specifically we need to: 

  1. Intensify early case detection
  2. Provide disability care
  3. Provide after-care services for people affected by neglected diseases

 What exactly are we doing?

To find cases earlier we are screening children in schools for leprosy and looking at those who have come into close contact with a person already diagnosed.

We also train government health workers as well as community champions to better detect the signs of the diseases and educate local communities on them. We also perform reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy for all those already living with a disability as well as providng ulcer care and protective footwear.

How you can help?

There are lots of ways you can get involved and join us on our journey to beat leprosy. Just click on our fundraising page to find out more.