Hold a Socks and Sandals Day!

Why socks and sandals?

Leprosy often damages the nerves in the feet, leaving people susceptible to injuries and ulcers.

We provide protective custom-made sandals to help people to walk comfortably and without fear of injury.

These simple sandals cost just £3 to make and help children return to school and adults rebuild their livelihoods.

For Mubarak, his sandals have given hope for the future

Read Mubarak's story

Your footwear can change lives too!

Make a statement with your footwear - wear eye-catching socks and sandals for the day and donate!

This is a great activity for workplaces and schools - creating a fun and colourful atmosphere, and the money you raise can help more people receive life-changing footwear!

Nominate your friends

Once you are in your socks and sandals, be sure to take a photo or video of you out in public, perhaps walking the dogs, or going shopping - post it on your social media and nominate your friends to take part and donate too!

A donation of just £3 can make a pair of customised sandals for a person affected by leprosy so they can walk without worry or injury.

You post online can help raise awareness of leprosy and help to raise even more funds for the millions of people affected by this disease. 

£1 from you, we get two

If you fundraise with your Socks and Sandals between 24th Sept and 24th Oct, we can double your fundraising total!

Find out about £1 from you, we get two