Shapla is 29 and living in Sariakandi, Bogra District in Bangladesh. Shapla is currently receiving treatment for leprosy herself, and enjoys being an active member of a self-help called ‘Protiva’.

Shapla works as a community volunteer, where she helps increase community awareness for health, hygiene and environmental sanitation. She also cares for and helps treat people with ulcers and explains the need for protective footwear.

Shapla loves her job

“I always try to do something for the people who are like me. Lepra has given me the opportunity. May God always give me good health so I can serve and help others”.

In the images below you can see Shapla at work, demonstrating to the community about the importance of washing hands to prevent diseases, and examining a school girl who has early signs of leprosy.

Shapla, a community health volunteer working in the community


You can help more women like Shapla to become community health volunteers by donating as little as £5 a month. Find out more about how you can help.