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Giving Shoesday

Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone, everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them.

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A Step Forward for Lepra

For Lepra, ‘Giving Tuesday’ has become known as GivingShoesday’ where we celebrate our achievements in protective footwear and its positive impact on the lives of people living with Leprosy.

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Jimmy Innes & Stuart Paver discuss Lepra’s GivingShoesday

Listen to Jimmy Innes (Lepra’s CEO) and Stuart Paver (Pavers Shoes) discuss GivingShoesday’, and the importance of custom-made footwear for people affected by leprosy.

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Footwear: Stepping from the past to the present

Throughout our history we have recognised the importance of footwear and have worked at the forefront of its development. Today we invite you to look back at some of the shoes which were being made in Lepra’s past, and how experimenting with different styles and materials helped in the advancement…

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National Philanthropy Day: celebrating Lepra 1920s to 1940s.

As we move towards Giving Tuesday; an opportunity to unite and support good causes globally, November offers us another chance to reflect upon the importance of working together for the common good; National Philanthropy Day. Following on from yesterday’s focus on our current partner, Pavers; we look back at the…

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Running for Independence, Dignity and Health

In October, nine amazing fundraisers completed the 26.2 mile challenge across London for Lepra

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How Land Rovers Helped Fight Leprosy

During the 1960s, the humble Land Rover enabled Lepra to reach largely inaccessible areas in Africa, such as Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and the Republic of Zambia.

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Lepra News Winter 2022

Lepra News Winter 2022 is out now!

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Mr P. Venkat Rao

Mr P. Venkat Rao is seventy years old and lives in a leprosy community at Gannavaran, India.

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