We think it’s important that children are aware of the world around them. That’s why for over 25 years we have been visiting schools and youth groups to educate children about the damaging effects of some of the world’s oldest and most neglected diseases, such as leprosy.

Fundraising is a fun way for children to learn about some of the issues that affect their world and gives them the opportunity to learn that a contribution, however big or small, can make a huge difference.

Getting involved can also empower them as individuals and teach them valuable life skills such as literacy and numeracy, organisation, creativity and healthy living.

Our comprehensive schools programme is delivered by a network of friendly community fundraisers, who have experience delivering presentations to a variety of age groups.

They will help students understand and feel enthusiastic about the cause they are supporting. 

We’ll organise everything for you

Your local Community Fundraiser will visit your school to deliver an educational presentation carefully tailored to your chosen age group.

We’ll work with you to find a date that suits you and provide you with posters, leaflets and information sheets to reduce the administrative burden.

You can arrange your own fundraising challenge or have one of our qualified workout instructors to come and do a popular Lepra Workout challenge.

Children will collect sponsorship using one of our fun sponsorship forms and will return the money to the Community Fundraiser when they return to the school.

We make sure that everyone gets something special to take home. This includes a badge for all those that participate, and every child who raises over £25 will get one of our fabulous bendy man alarm clocks.

Get started with our educational resource pack

Primary school educational resource pageWe have created some educational resource packs which include curriculum mapping, lesson plans and activity sheets all available for download free.

These educational resource packs are aimed at primary schools and have been designed to help 7-11 year old's understand, speak and write about disease, poverty and prejudice. 

By learning about the some of the children, women and men that we work with and the difficulties they face, we hope children can be encouraged to gain empathy and understanding for developing countries and be empowered to help change the lives of others.

To download your free resource pack please click here.

More ways to get involved

We've recently launched a new activity called the Taking Steps Challenge.

This is a great way to get students involved in not only fundraising and learning about neglected diseases but keeping fit too!

Find out more about the Taking Steps Challenge here!

How your school's fundraising will help

  • £3 buys a pair of shoes so someone can walk again
  • £21 can give health education to a school of up to 100 children
  • £60 funds the educational support for a child living in a leprosy colony, so they can go to school

Find out how your fundraising could change the lives of children like Aadil

If you're interested in taking part in our schools programme then click the link below to contact our Community Regional Managers to find out more:

Contact us

Here's a school who fundraised for us...

Stanley Drapkin Primary School made this amazing video as part of their 'Media Club' to explain why they like fundraising for Lepra.

Other events 

Get creative for the Knights of Medway in Kent!

Find out more about how your school can get involved with a re-enactment of medieval history.