Every year, on a Saturday in June, our annual bike ride from the cobbled streets of Edinburgh to the regal town of St Andrews begins and, come rain or shine, our cyclists will be peddling their way across Scotland to help us change lives.

While they are busy cycling for change, there are also some special people dotted across the region who take it upon themselves to ensure our riders are fed, watered and raring to go.

The ladies of Freuchie are one such group. Based at the foot of the Lomond hills and in the region of Fife, the ladies belong to the Freuchie parish church. For over 15 years, this wonderful team of around 20 women have taken it upon themselves to bake, mix and serve up a selection of sweet treats at the church hall between 10 am and 5pm.

Freuchie acts as a halfway point on the cycle route and many say that the church hall is a welcome site. Here, riders can rest their feet and refuel before completing the second half of the journey.

Shane Voss is a computing officer at Edinburgh University and has cycled in all but two rides since 1986. He says:  “The lunch and afternoon tea stops are always full with a fantastic spread provided by the local organisations.”

The prep for such a spread begins about a week prior to the event as the ladies put on their aprons and get whisking up some of the best scones, cakes and bakes to help energise those avid cyclists.

Barbara Stevenson, one of the group’s members, says: “The Lepra cycle run is an annual event which we look forward to immensely.  We start baking about a week before the actual day, so that there is plenty of choice for all the cyclists who pop in for refreshment.”

Aside from offering them a multitude of sweet snacks and a cup of hot tea or coffee, the Freuchie pit stop also means warmth. Starting at 8am in what can sometimes be a wet and windy Scotland, the riders look forward to a cosy hall and seeing some friendly faces.

“Sometimes we just want to wrap some of the cyclists, who are making the great effort for the first time, in a big fluffy towel, especially when the weather is inclement,” said Barbara.

This generous group of ladies also kindly donate a portion of any funds collected from the food and drink service.

We thank them and all of the other wonderful volunteers who give up their time to support the riders on the Edinburgh to St Andrews bike ride. Here’s to another fabulous year of fun and fundraising!

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