Forced out

Constant coughing from undiagnosed Tuberculosis (TB) meant that Renuka was forced by her husband to sleep with the animals outside her small mud home. Thin and tired she visited her local clinic to seek advice from a doctor. The clinic was shut.

One sunny day Lata, an accredited social health activist (ASHA), visited the village and met Renuka outside her home. She listened to her sorry tale.

Lata saw how thin and listless Renuka appeared and knew she needed urgent help. Her poor living conditions and lack of medical treatment meant that her condition would worsen. What’s more, her children would also be at risk.

A long journey

The doctor who was supposed to visit the clinic was not doing so, and Renuka was not the only local person experiencing TB-like symptoms.

Lata had been taking people to a clinic almost a day’s journey away for diagnosis and treatment. It is a difficult journey for someone as ill as Renuka but she knew she must make it or die.

On their return home, Lata monitored her TB treatment through what is called DOTS (directly observed treatment short-course).

On the way to recovery

When Lepra opened a clinic in the area, Renuka at last had somewhere to go for help and finally made her way to a healthy recovery.

Our visits to rural communities mean that people like Renuka can be diagnosed and treated locally and lives will be saved.