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Suresh's story



Suresh is 18 years old and has completed his intermediate year at his local college in April 2018.

He first noticed flat patches on his skin and decided to consult his local private medical practitioner in 2015. They diagnosed it as vitiligo and treated him for two years. 

However, after two years, he developed dry hypo‐pigmented multiple patches with loss of sensation all over the body.

He consulted the Private Nursing home where the doctors prescribed general medicine. 

Suresh followed the treatment for one month but there was no improvement in the skin lesions, and was referred to a Government Hospital.

He visited the government hospital for multiple skin lesions and pain in both hands. 

Here he was finally diagnosed with Multi-bacillary leprosy. He began the multi drug therapy (MDT) treatment.

He was also referred to the LEPRA Society referral centre where he was examined and provided health education about leprosy, treatment with a follow up.  

After three months, he visited the referral centre complaining of various pain in the right arm and anaesthesia on his right hand. 

After receiving a nerve function assessment, Suresh was diagnosed to be having neuritis and ulnar muscle weakness in his right hand with pain and was put on steroid treatment. 

After two weeks the pain reduced and the physio technician showed him some exercises to help with muscle weakness.

Suresh was counselled at the referral centre, regarding the regular treatment of physiotherapy, steroids and MDT. 

He also regularly attended nerve function assessments, physiotherapy and counselling as per the advice of the LEPRA Society staff. 

He completely recovered and his right hand function was also restored. He is currently continuing MDT and continuing education. 

He is moving forward with the hope of leading a dignified life without prejudice.

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