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Sumon's story



Sumon is 32 years old and lives in the district of Pabna in Bangladesh. 

He was cured of leprosy eight years ago, but the disease caused deformities in his feet and left him with severe mobility problems. 

Sumon previously worked as a rickshaw driver, but due to his disability he was forced to give up his job. 

When we met Sumon, he was unemployed and could not afford to eat properly. 

Dreams for the future

Our staff introduced Sumon to one of our self-help groups. 

As a result of securing funding through this group, Sumon built and opened a small grocery shop in the spring of 2014. The shop fronts his house and he has on average 150 customers each day. 

Sumon is now married and his wife has also found work. In the future, he has dreams of expanding his business. 

I was unemployed and a burden to my family before joining the self-help group in our area. Now I can earn money and support my family. 

Lepra helped me see the light of success and I am grateful to them.

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