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Sobita 's story



Sobita is 45 years old from a rural area, outside of Barguna, in southwest Bangladesh. She lives with her husband, a village tailor, and her 8 year old son.

In the months following a high fever, she noticed that she was experiencing swelling in her left leg. At great financial expense, her husband took her to the village doctor and several traditional healers, to try and address her discomfort. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful in alleviating her symptoms.

Eventually, Sobita made the difficult journey to the government run ‘Upazila Health Complex’, where she was diagnosed with lymphatic filariasis (LF), and soon after was referred to Lepra’s ‘Barguna LF Integrated Project’ (BLIMP).

The BLIMP project provides Morbidity Management and Disability (MMD) prevention through the provision of self-care training for community-based self-support groups, of people affected by LF​ and regional healthcare staff teams.

There is no simple cure for LF, it requires a sustained regime of self-care, cleaning and regular massaging of the affected area, to gradually reduce the swelling and alleviate the discomfort of the disease. A process which can take many months.

As such, community self-support groups, provide a vital service for people affected by LF, not just for their physical recovery, but also for their emotional resilience and social health. The project arranged for Sobita to join her local group - ‘Sundorbone Shotkor Protibondhi Unnaon dol’, where she has received self-care training, and supplies of important items for her ongoing recovery.

Reportedly, with ongoing care and support, Sobita’s condition has greatly improved, and she is feeling much happier.

“I am feeling better now as I am working hard to maintain my personal care as advice by Lepra and my local group”

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