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Shravan had dreams to complete higher studies, be a first in his family to go to college, and build a bright future for himself.

In 2016, when the first leprosy patch appeared on his left hand, it went unnoticed. It wasn’t until more patches began appearing on his body that Shravan realised that, though they were painless, they were spreading.

Shravan was taken from doctor to doctor, town to town, all costing money that the family could not afford, and yet there was no improvement in his condition.

As a dedicated student, Shravan did not give up his studies and somehow managed to complete high school, even with minimal funds at the disposal to his family. But much to his despair, Shravan was not able to go to college as there was simply no money left to support him.

Shravan still remembers the day, January 11 2019, when an ASHA worker, Mithilesh Devi and Navneet Kumar, from Lepra Society visited his home. They assured Shravan that the leprosy could be cured. The following day, Shravan went to the Primary Health Centre at Khanpur and after some more clinical investigations, he started taking the Multi Drug Therapy(MDT).

As he got to know the people at Lepra, he spoke to them about his dream to go to college. Navneet went to Shravan’s house and assured his father that Lepra would help mobilise funds for Shravan’s education. Within weeks, Shravan was in college and proved his determination by being the top of his class. As Shravan’s personal and academic life was restored, he was, once again able to focus on building a bright future for himself.

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