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Samida's story


Mum of four Samida had endured fortnightly fevers and the pain of weeping ulcers for eight years before she heard about one of our referral centres. 

The fevers disrupted her life and kept her at home. Some days she couldn’t even get out of bed. 

Samida was spending a week’s worth of her husband’s wages each month on medication and treatment. This placed a huge financial strain on the family and she wasn’t getting any better.

“I would take medication prescribed by my local health centre which treated my fevers. But it didn’t reduce the swelling in my left leg or the ulcers and wounds on my foot.”
“I had my four children to feed but could barely walk. What could I do? Going to the market for food was a pain filled experience. I did not know what was wrong with me.”

Samida’s condition remained undiagnosed until she visited one of our free clinics.

Here she was diagnosed with lymphatic filariasis and given immediate medical attention.

Physiotherapy sessions at our centre, coupled with exercise techniques and massage which cost her nothing have significantly reduced her swelling. Samida’s fevers and acute attacks have disappeared.

Special shoes made by our shoemakers give her swollen foot the support and comfort she needs to walk distances that she once could not manage. The blisters and ulcers that were caused by fungal infections have vanished.

“I was reliant on the help of others for simple tasks that most people take for granted. I am now able to walk up to five kilometres at a time! Thanks to Lepra I am well again. ”

- Samida smiles

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