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Samapravin's story



Samapravin is just twelve years old and one of ten children her mother has had to raise alone. Having struggled since Samapravin’s father died, the family works hard to try and stay above the poverty line.

When Samapravin’s family initially noticed a patch on her left hand and the increasing numbness, they did not know what it was nor did they have the resources to seek help. As her condition worsened Samapravin had to abandon her education and stay at home where simple actions such as picking up a spoon soon became impossible.

After discussing her daughter’s ailing health and symptoms with a relative, who himself had been cured of leprosy, Samapravin’s mother sought help from the Mungar District Hospital near to their home in the Bihar state.

Diagnosis and treatment

From there Samapravin was referred to our Lepra Referral Centre where she was finally diagnosed with leprosy and treated with steroid therapy.

Samapravin made a full recovery without any permanent disability and says she prays our work will continue to help others like her.

“I pray to God for development and extension of this Referral Centre so that it can continue providing good services to this community.”

So grateful for the help and support we provided to her daughter, Samapravin’s mother now works to raise awareness of leprosy within the community so that others can be treated as quickly and effectively.

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