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Raheem's story



Raheem is 32 years old and lives in India with his wife and son. He first noticed that something was wrong while working as a driver. His left foot became numb and he could not walk or drive.  

He decided to seek help when the numbness began to effect his work. The local doctor was unable to diagnose Raheem, prescribing him medicines instead that made him even sicker.  

Luckily, Raheem’s boss knew of a place that could help him. He told Raheem to visit one of Lepra’s referral centres.  

Raheem was assessed by the team at Lepra and diagnosed with leprosy. He was prescribed multi drug therapy for twelve months.  

As a result of his delayed diagnosis, Raheem had suffered varying levels of disability. Lepra provided him with physiotherapy, teaching him how to strengthen his muscles and prevent further injury. 

Leprosy does not just effect a person’s physical health.

Raheem was depressed and anxious about his diagnosis. His family had shunned him. While he was undergoing treatment, there was no one to support his wife or child. His family felt that the disease was his own fault and they did not want anything to do with Raheem or his wife or son.  

Lepra provided extensive counselling for Raheem and his wife, teaching them about leprosy and highlighting how curable it is. Like many people across India, Raheem had many misconceptions about leprosy and felt that his life was over. Lepra showed him that was not true.  

Raheem has been able to resume his life and return to work as a result of his treatment. 

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