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Pushpa's story



Pushpa is 27 years old and works as a school teacher. She lives in Hyderabad and has a 5 year old daughter.

Pushpa was diagnosed with leprosy almost two years ago. She reacted badly to the treatment and suffered from severe pain, fever, swelling and oedema. 

Following a visit to a dermatologist in another town, she began multi-drug therapy. Although this is an improvement, her reactions still persist and the treatment has caused skin discolouration

Dealing with the prejudice of leprosy

When Pushpa’s husband discovered that she was affected by leprosy, he struggled to deal with the news. Fortunately, he visited a counsellor who reassured him that she could be cured.

Although she now has her husband's full support, no one else in the village knows of her disease. Pushpa and her husband are afraid of the prejudice, so they are forced to keep it a secret. 

People at Pushpa's school ask why her skin has become discoloured, but she tells them that it’s just a simple rash. 

A new hope

When Pushpa was first diagnosed, she thought that leprosy would leave her with severe disabilities. Since receiving support from Lepra staff, she knows she can be cured.

Pushpa now wears a big, bright smile. She says "Now I come with hope". 

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