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Mr Suresh Robidas

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Mr Suresh Robidas's story

Mr Suresh Robidas

Mr Suresh Robidas

Mr Suresh Robidas is 65 and lives and works at the Shamshernagar Tea Garden, in northeastern Bangladesh. 

His wife sadly died 15 years ago, leaving him as the sole earner, supporting a family of five. In 2015 however, he started to notice a concerning deterioration in his health. He was admitted to the tea garden clinic, where the local medical officer suspected he had leprosy. 

A lack of active case finding (ACF) and early medical intervention, resulted in Mr Robidas developing permanent disabilities in his hands and feet which had prevented him from being able to continue in his physically demanding job. To help the family, Mr Robidas’ son took on his responsibilities as a tea farmer, helping to maintain an income for the family. 

Mr Robidas was admitted to the HEED Bangladesh Hospital, where he received urgent medical care, including Multi Drug Therapy (MDT). To help his recovery and ongoing management of his disabilities, he was referred to Lepra’s local self-care group, where he learnt techniques and received the items needed to care for his condition. 

As part of his ongoing care, Mr Robidas received custom-made sandals from Lepra’s specialist shoe technicians, who have played a significant role in maintaining his independence. 

Thankful for the support he has received, Mr Robidas is looking to the future once again, and even planning to start a business from his home

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