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Mr. Dilip Lakda

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Mr Dilip Lakda's story

Mr. Dilip Lakda

Mr Dilip Lakda

Mr. Dilip Lakda is 68 year old and lives in Bihar in India.

Mr Lakda works in a physically demanding job as a labourer in order to support his wife and son. 

He first noticed an ulcer on his leg that did not heal, when he was in his thirties. Following an eventual visit to a government hospital, he was diagnosed with leprosy, and started a year long course of multidrug therapy treatment. This was Mr Lakda’s first experience with leprosy, and he was left in shock as he tried to understand his situation.

Despite successful treatment, Mr Lakda was left with the long-term physical effects of the disease for decades following his treatment, including painful ulcers on his feet. Alongside the physical symptoms, he also felt self-conscious and uncomfortable sharing anything about his previous diagnosis and it’s long-term effects.

Following a recent visit from Lepra’s mobile footwear van, Mr Lakda’s condition was assessed, and he was provided with a custom pair of protective 'microcellular rubber' shoes. These shoes allow him to work and live in comfort, and provide relief from his chronic symptoms.

Mr Lakda told Lepra that he no longer feels self-conscious when talking about leprosy, and he passes on his thanks to everyone that has enabled the Lepra Shoe Van to reach him, and for this priceless support that has “made his life better”.

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