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Moslema Begum

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Moslema Begum's story

Moslema Begum

Moslema Begum

51-year-old Moslema Begum lives in Rangpur, Bangladesh and was married at the age of 15. Three years after, she experienced pain in her left leg accompanied by a high fever.

Moslema visited the village doctor but due to misdiagnosis, the treatment failed to work. She also sought help from a traditional healer, but her condition continued to worsen. As time progressed, she experienced twice monthly acute attacks and had painful ulcers and fungal infections on her toes. Moslema had trouble walking and everyday tasks became challenging, impacting her mental health and wellbeing. Her husband supported her as best he could, but she continued to struggle with her condition.

Moslema spent a great deal of money on medicine and treatment, but she wasn’t correctly diagnosed with lymphatic filariasis until only two years ago, when a villager suggested that she visit Saidpur Hospital. She then joined a self-support group run by Lepra where she learnt the importance of self-care. She now no longer has ulcers, and her acute attacks are much less frequent.

Moslema benefitted from Lepra’s Disability Initiative for Independent Living project to help sustain income for her family and their three children. She received a goat and now has five of them and earns an income from selling their milk. Not only has Moslema’s physical health improved but she also feels better emotionally and stronger financially.

“I am much better than before!”

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