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Lilibala Sahoo

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Lilibala Sahoo's story

Lilibala Sahoo

Lilibala Sahoo

46-year-old Lilibala is from a leprosy family in Neheru leprosy community of Cuttack District in Odisha. She has so far dedicated almost three decades to working for Lepra as a field worker and is based in the Koraput District of Odisha.

Lilibala is passionate about supporting people affected by leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF). Her role focuses on case identification, which is crucial in early diagnosis and intervention. She also provides counselling to people affected and ensures a thorough follow-up appointment to monitor progress and offer ongoing support. Lilibala also engages in government networking to facilitate collaborative efforts in addressing local health needs. Lilibala's multifaceted approach reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by leprosy and LF in her community.

Lilibala is proud to share that she has played a major part in early case detection of leprosy and preventing disability in her locality. Her efforts in identifying health concerns have led to the detection of 500 cases related to leprosy and LF. She has taught self-care practices 900 individuals and established 300 ‘Socio-Economic Resource’ (SER) linkages, fostering connections to enhance support networks. Her exemplary work was recognised with the ‘Odisha State Best Leprosy Worker Award’ in 1999.

Lilibana lives with her husband and son, who was inspired by her passion for healthcare and is currently pursuing a pharmacy diploma.

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