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Kanne Pedda Janaki Ramaiah's story

Kanne Pedda

Kanne Pedda Janaki Ramaiah

Janaki Ramaiah is 47 years old, lives in Andhra Pradesh and earns a living by tending to three buffalos and selling their milk.

When Janaki Ramaiah first noticed nodules and patches covering his body, his wife sought medical help. Initial consultations with local medical professionals proved futile due to their lack of knowledge and training regarding neglected tropical diseases. It wasn't until he visited a dermatologist, costing nearly 10,000 rupees, that a diagnosis of leprosy was confirmed. The dermatologist referred Janaki Ramaiah to the Government General Hospital (GGH) in Vijayawada for further evaluation. One of Lepra's core aims is to strengthen local health infrastructure by providing training and awareness-raising at state level to aid early diagnosis. 

Lepra’s intervention at GGH Vijayawada was instrumental in transforming Janaki Ramaiah's life. The comprehensive approach began with nerve function assessments, followed by the initiation of steroid treatment. Periodic follow-ups ensured that his progress was carefully monitored, with additional support provided through counselling on psychosocial aspects for both him and his wife.

In addition to medical care, Lepra played a pivotal role in facilitating treatment adherence and delivering crucial health education. The impact of these interventions became evident as Janaki Ramaiah progressed through the multibacillary (MB) treatment regime, currently undertaking his 6th month of multidrug therapy. Janaki Ramaiah’s recovery is not just physical; it extends to his social and emotional well-being.

Originally facing prejudice in his role of local leader, he now moves freely within his community, expressing profound gratitude to Lepra  for helping him restore his health, dignity, and the ability to participate fully in society.

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