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Kalu Jommadar

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Kalu Jomaddar's story

Kalu Jommadar

Kalu Jomaddar

Kalu Jomaddar, aged 58 years old, lives with his wife, three sons and daughter in Barguna, Bangladesh. He runs a small business.

Kalu first noticed symptoms of lymphatic filariasis (LF) 30 years ago. He visited various health care personnel but was not correctly diagnosed. In the meantime, the affected area of his body worsened. He was eventually visited by a graduate doctor who diagnosed LF. 

Unfortunately, by that time Kalu’s condition deteriorated, with two or three acute attacks a month of high fever and severe pain; missing four or five days of work. He had spent large amounts of money on medicine. It was a very challenging and worrying time for his family.

Kalu and his family were keen to learn self-care for his affected limb and attended one of our self-care practice groups where they learnt some simple but effective techniques.

Since starting self-care, Kalu has reported a dramatic improvement in his condition and has had no further acute attacks or complications since.

I was very sick and could not do anything for my family, but thanks to Lepra Bangladesh Im feeling very well now and earning money to support my family. I have been maintaining all the advice I have learnt.

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