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Jayashree's story



Around 30 years ago, Jayashree was diagnosed with leprosy.

Before this moment she had confidence in herself and hope for the future. As soon as she was diagnosed with leprosy, her life completely changed.

Immediately I felt like I didn’t have the right to express my opinions, and so I suppressed all of my emotions and thoughts. I was living in fear and anxiety.

Jayashree also felt guilty. Although she was affected by leprosy, she was leading a privileged life and had the full support of her family. When she saw other people with leprosy begging on the street, she felt as though she was letting them down.

Jayashree is now part of a number of organisations working towards the eradication of leprosy.

My vision is to create a world where people no longer fear leprosy and the prejudice attached to the disease disappears, so that we can bring justice to all of those who have suffered pain and discrimination.

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