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Jalli Vijaya Rao

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Jalli Vijya Rao's story

Jalli Vijaya Rao

Jalli Vijya Rao

32-year-old Jalli Vijaya Rao first experienced symptoms of leprosy over a decade ago.

Due to the loss of sensation of his foot, he developed an injury which led to the formation of a large, painful ulcer. His aging parents spent £400 on private treatment and even tried traditional healing methods but unfortunately Jalli wasn’t correctly diagnosed with leprosy until some years later.

Jalli underwent a year-long course of multidrug therapy (MDT) which successfully cured him of the disease. Lepra staff advised him on the importance of continued self-care and provided him with protective footwear, preventing further injuries or infection.

Two years ago, on advice of the orthopaedic department, Jalli had his leg amputated. Lepra supported him in obtaining disability certificates ensuring he was able to claim all the benefits he was entitled to.

With support from an income generation project, Jalli has been able to return to work and sells seafood from a mobile cart outside the local courts where he attracts good business.

Jalli is now in good health. He lives with his parents and his sister’s children; he is happy that he can contribute to the family’s income.

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