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Jalal Uddin

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Jalal Uddin's story

Jalal Uddin

Jalal Uddin

Jalal Uddin is 50 years old and lives in the Dhunat region of Bogura.

Since he was diagnosed with leprosy, he has not only faced physical symptoms, but his mental health has been impacted too. He expressed feeling sad, with negative thoughts, and lacked in self-confidence.

When Lepra staff met Jala, he told them that he had trouble sleeping, ate poorly and felt exhausted all the time. At around the same time, his wife died unexpectedly, and he was struck with grief.

Lepra’s Mind 2 Heart project arranged for Jalal to meet with a counsellor who recommended some basic lifestyle adjustments such as increased physical activity, a nutritious diet and good sleep routine.

With time, Jalal noticed a gradual improvement in his wellbeing, including better sleep, worrying less, fewer negative thoughts, and increased confidence. He is gradually recuperating with the support of Lepra and his family.

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