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Dhan Prasad Patel

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Dhan Prasad Patel 's story

Dhan Prasad Patel

Dhan Prasad Patel

Dhan Prasad Patel, a 35-year-old farmer from Lavkushnagar, India, has been living with the impact of lymphatic filariasis (LF) for the past ten years.

Despite his efforts to seek treatment from local medics using traditional remedies, he saw no improvement. The persistent swelling in his left foot severely impacted his ability to work, leading to social and economic hardships.

The inability to work consistently led to bouts of depression and anxiety. The pressure of fulfilling his family’s needs while dealing with his health condition weighed heavily on his emotional wellbeing.

Despite his struggle, Dhan’s community were supportive, which helped him to cope with his condition.

When Dhan was finally diagnosed by Lepra’s block coordinator, he was experiencing several acute attacks per week. Dhan was taught self-care techniques to help him manage his condition and he regularly attended a self-support group (SSG) which provided guidance and emotional support. He was also provided with protective footwear to prevent any further injuries. With regular self-care and the use of protective footwear, Dhan’s skin improved significantly, and his injuries healed. He has not experienced any acute attacks in recent months, allowing him to work more consistently and to improve his financial stability.

Peer counselling and support from the SSG boosted Dhan’s confidence. He learnt to manage his condition effectively, reducing his depression and strengthening his resilience.

With the right support, Dhan has been able to overcome adversity, regain his livelihood and reintegrate into his community.

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