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Chhanga Prajapati

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Chhanga Prajapati 's story

Chhanga Prajapati

Chhanga Prajapati

65-year-old Chhanga Prajapati lives in Rajnagar, India. For years, Chhanga worked tirelessly to support his family, earning a modest income. However, five years ago, his life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with leprosy.

Due to peripheral nerve damage which caused a lack of sensation in his hands and feet, Chhanga developed injuries and ulcers which led to issues with mobility and the deterioration of his physical health. Unable to continue his work as a labourer, Chhanga’s family faced severe financial strain. His wife and son took on jobs to make ends meet, but their earnings were insufficient for daily expenses.

Chhanga’s inability to work and provide for his family took an enormous strain on his confidence and emotional health. The constant worry about his family's financial situation and his son's disrupted education weighed heavily on him. Prejudice, social isolation and the impact of his injuries further deepened his sense of despair. Once an active community member, Chhanga withdrew socially, feeling ashamed and burdened by his condition. 

Hearing about Chhanga’s condition, a Lepra outreach worker met him for an initial assessment and then referred him to the local healthcare centre. He was taught vital self-care techniques and provided with protective footwear. With regular self-care practice and ongoing support from Lepra, Chhanga’s ulcers healed, significantly improving his outlook. 

Lepra staff supported Chhnaga in applying for a pension. With the funds received, he purchased a goat to sell its milk. This new venture has generated additional income without requiring strenuous physical effort.

Chhanga was encouraged to participate in a Self-Support Group and to attend community counselling. With improved health and economic stability, Chhanga began to regain his self-esteem and social connections. 

Chhanga’s story is a testament to his resilience and the power of community support. From battling severe physical, economic, and social challenges to achieving recovery and stability, his journey underscores the importance of timely intervention and holistic care. Today, Channga’s improved health, renewed social ties, and economic stability offer hope and inspiration to many facing similar hardships. 

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