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Bizly Rani

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Bizly Rani's story

Bizly Rani

Bizly Rani

In 2012, 47-year-old Bizly Rani developed white patches all over her body and at first thought they were due to an allergic reaction.

It was whilst she was accompanying her husband to a healthcare appointment that staff noticed the white patches and suspected leprosy.

When a doctor first told Bizly she had leprosy, she was frightened but he reassured her that the disease was curable. After a 12-month course of multidrug therapy (MDT), the white patches began to disappear, and her skin sensation improved. Bizly had also developed a foot ulcer but by following Lepra’s self-care techniques and wearing specialist protective footwear, her injury improved.

Bizly joined a self-support group and is now a Community Champion, helping to detect over 65 new cases! She travels door-to-door finding people with symptoms and encourages them to seek the right treatment.

Whilst Bizly’s neighbours found it difficult to understand and accept her diagnosis, she has been grateful to have the ongoing support of family.

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