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Amena Khatun's story

Amena Khatun

Amena Khatun

Amena Khatun is 65 years old and was diagnosed with leprosy over 10 years ago. Her symptoms were skin lesions as well as numbness in her hands and feet. Following diagnosis, she was given a course of multidrug therapy (MDT) which she successfully completed. However, due to recurrent reactions and persistent ulcers forming she was repeatedly admitted to hospital.

With no knowledge of how to look after her symptoms, Amena developed claw fingers and further painful disabilities on her feet.  Her ulcers became worse and life for Amena became increasingly difficult.

Amena joined the Bonoful Self Care Practice Group where she was trained on how to care for and manage the ulcers. Now, she regularly follows the practices from the self-care group at home and, at present, has no ulcers. She is happy she can now manage her self-care at home and is grateful to the Bonoful Self Care Practice Group and Lepra Bangladesh for the support and guidance she has received.

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