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Arti Harijan

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Arti Harijan - Physiotherapy Care Assistant's story

Arti Harijan

Arti Harijan - Physiotherapy Care Assistant

19-year-old Arti from Nabrangpur was diagnosed with leprosy when she was 12 and underwent six months of multidrug therapy (MDT). 

Despite the challenges of growing up with the disease, Arti continued her education and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. Additionally, she trained as Physiotherapy Care Assistant, funded by Lepra, and began working at the District Headquarter Hospital in Nabrangpur in June 2023.

Arti plays a crucial role, encompassing various aspects of leprosy care. Her responsibilities include patient assessment, where she evaluates the condition of individuals affected by leprosy. Arti actively engages in active case finding (ACF), swiftly recognising potential cases for early intervention, and ensuring that people receive appropriate and timely care.

Arti emphasises the importance of follow-up procedures to monitor progress and provide ongoing support which addresses the unique needs of individuals affected by leprosy. This includes providing footwear support and educating people in self-care practices, empowering them to manage their recovery more effectively. In her dedicated service, Arti has contributed to the care of a total of 45 people affected by leprosy, underscoring her commitment to improving their wellbeing and overall quality of life.

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