Ramesh was diagnosed with leprosy at just 13 years old.

As his relatives had previously been affected by leprosy, they were aware of the disease and advised him to visit the hospital.

Ramesh spent 6 months in hospital while being treated for leprosy. Soon after he left, he was admitted back into care as the symptoms of the disease were reoccurring.

The ongoing symptoms and prejudice surrounding leprosy meant that Ramesh was unable to work and was forced to beg on the streets.

Helping others

After meeting Lepra, Ramesh received support from our staff and was trained to be a Lokdoot (health worker).

Now he works in Shantinagar, a leprosy colony, where he attends to the dressings and ulcers of people affected by the disease. He also offers counselling and support to those living in the colony.

Ramesh is now enjoying life as a Lokdoot. He dedicates his time and passion to ensure that people like him are not forced to suffer like he had in the past.

Train a healthworker