“Now your online presence is your shop front for potential customers”

Nicole Eve is one of our networking event's guest speakers from Focus Integrated. Using her knowledge as a Digital Account Director, she answers questions about the importance and benefits of digital marketing as well as the challenges it can present. She also offers guidance on where organisations developing a digital marketing strategy, should begin.

Why is digital marketing so important in today’s world?
20 years ago, if you needed some information or a service you would look it up in an encyclopaedia or turn to the yellow pages…in 2017 you use Google and social media. Now your online presence is your shop front for potential customers. How many times a day do you look at your emails, search for something on Google or scroll through your social media feed? The last one, probably more than you’d like to admit…but that’s why digital marketing is so important.

What are the benefits of using digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing methods?
It’s where your customers are for one…but the most important one is the tracking and attribution it allows you. You can easily build a picture of what works with your customers and in turn, put you in the best position to optimise your marketing spends.

Is there a common challenge digital marketing presents to organisations?
There are a few that crop up in my experience – changing the culture of a business that is wedded to print and making people see that it doesn’t have to be either or! The investment can sometimes be a little scary to start with but planning and optimisation will make it worthwhile. Lastly, not having the right knowledge on where to start and what each element will bring…that’s what seminars/webinars/courses and agencies are for.

To develop a digital marketing strategy, where should an organisation start?
Any digital marketing strategy should be customer-centric, just like any other marketing activity. Find out who your customers are, where they’re spending their time online and that’s how you’ll start to build a picture of how you can reach them.

Our breakfast networking event is taking place on the 15th September from 7am til 9am in Colchester and is free to attend.

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