Two women undertaking the mental motivator pilot project A women undertaking the mental motivator pilot project

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Mental Motivator Project

Our mental motivator pilot project launched in May 2019 in Bangladesh.

The Facts:

Our mental motivator pilot project launched in May 2019 in Bangladesh. Mental health issues have long been synonymous with people affected by leprosy, with over half of people with newly diagnosed cases of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis develop anxiety and depression. This is where our Mental Motivators project can help provide an important service to improve the mental health and quality of life for up to 10,000 families.

The aim:

Our project, aims to directly help our project beneficiaries and their families to experience enhanced self-esteem, status, social interaction and inclusion within their immediate community and wider society. Also, for them to be able to have equal and easy access to public and private opportunities and services. We are a people centred charity, and we want everybody to feel that they are receiving the most beneficial help to them holistically.

What are we doing?

Lepra Bangladesh has recruited a total of 30 Mental Motivators from 4 target districts all of whom are female, chosen from existing self-help-self-care groups. After recruiting our mental motivators, Lepra Bangladesh provided a basic mental health training on mental health issues for their staff. They want to improve the knowledge surrounding mental health and help support the mental health needs of leprosy affected people. Some of the main topics of the training include; stress management, listening skills and management of depression and anxiety.

What impact will the project have?

People affected by leprosy will have improved mental health services and feel supported to improve and manage their mental wellbeing.

How can you help?

Your gift can help us continue to develop projects like this, and reach those who are suffering with their mental health.  It can be often forgotten that people suffer mentally and it must be something we continue to strive to help. A gift of £15 per month could help a community champion improve the health, hygiene and mental health of up to 120 people.